Geometry is one of my favorite math units to teach because there are so many fun and meaningful activities for the kids to work on.  We just completed our unit on Geometry and I wanted to share pictures from some of the kids’ favorite activities.   We began our geometry unit with this book.  In this book, Matt and Bibi travel to Egypt to help find the hidden burial chamber for an ancient pharaoh.  They become trapped in the pharaoh’s pyramid and only have each other, their dog, and the geometric hieroglyphics on the walls to help them get out.…

St. Patrick’s Day FREEBIE

  I am enjoying Spring Break this week, but I wanted to share a FREEBIE that I will be using when I return back to school.  This FREEBIE is part of my Shamrock Telling Time Unit that I will be using throughout the week.  If your are looking for more seasonal telling time practice….check this out!