Spark a Love a Reading That Will Last All Year!

First Day Jitters Interactive Read Aloud
If you are looking for a way to guide your students to LOVE reading this year, check out this FREE Interactive Read Aloud Lesson that is PERFECT for BACK TO SCHOOL!
    • Uses an engaging text that your students will love!
    • Complete lesson guide with teaching points so that you don't have to spend hours writing the lesson.
    • Embedded opportunities for students to interact with their peers about the text.

What a great resource to have at your fingertips!


I have been teaching for 12 years have finally found exactly what I was looking for to teach while reading interactive read alouds.


Love it! Thanks for making the first days of school so much easier on us!


Really helpful for that first week when I didn't think I could come up with another thought on my own!


So excited to use these the first weeks of school to teach classroom community! They are so well planned you just print and go!