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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  This is the one week of the year when people get to show teachers the LOVE!  However, there is no way to adequately show a teacher how much they are appreciated!  Teachers hold the future in their hands and hearts and make such a difference every day! 

As a small token of appreciation, I will be placing my most popular wish-listed items on sale this week in conjunction with the big Teacher's Pay Teachers Sale.
 The end of the year awards day ceremony is one the most anticipated days of the year for a child....second only to field day maybe.  It is a time for the kids to put on their Sunday best and take pride in their accomplishments!  For several years, I have been giving personalized awards with a matching end of the year gift to each of my students.  A couple of years ago, I took the awards to a new level by creating customizable awards. I love how I can choose the perfect kidlette to match the child receiving the award.  Check out End of the Year Customizable Awards with Matching Gifts HERE!
 The end of the year is the perfect time to start preparing for next year.  I have to admit that I am not a big fan of the basal reader in my class.  I want the reading we focus on during the week to be meaningful  for the students and guide them to becoming thinkers as they read.  This growing bundle includes a year's worth of nonfiction texts for your students to engage with.  Each passage comes with comprehension questions and graphic organizers to further develop comprehension.   Check out Nonfiction Passages with Monthly Themes for the Year HERE!
Would you love to make your read aloud time more productive?  What if you could increase student engagement while developing their comprehension of the text?  This is my absolutely favorite go to unit for the entire year!  I love picture books and being able to share quality literature with students in such a meaningful way!  Check out Interactive Read Alouds for the Year HERE!
All of these wish listed items are on sale May 3-4.  Be sure to use the code CELEBRATE at checkout for the most savings.
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