The Mitten Interactive Read Aloud Freebie

I am looking forward to reading one of my favorite winter books this week during read aloud time.  If you will be including this text in an upcoming read aloud, I encourage you to download this FREEBIE and give interactive read alouds a try in your class.  

I have been using interactive read alouds in my classroom for some time now.  I am so proud of how much my little readers are developing in their ability to think about what they are reading as a result of participating in interactive read alouds.

For The Mitten, I have all the prep work completed for you to use it as an interactive read aloud.  It is available as a FREEBIE.  

The teacher guide outlines how to preview the text with your students, gives you talking points throughout the texts, and provides ideas for the students to respond to the text in writing.  With everything planned for you, all you need to do is grab a copy of the book from your school or public library and enjoy reading it with your students.  

I have also included a vocabulary builder graphic organizer with this FREEBIE.  If you don’t use read alouds in your classroom, I encourage you to give it a try this month.  Everything you need for The Mitten is available as a FREEBIE by clicking on the image above.

Have you fallen in love with interactive read alouds?  THIS UNIT contains 20 books that will keep your kids reading and thinking all winter long.

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