Looking Ahead to the New Year

I took some time this past weekend to work on my plans for after the Christmas break.  I want to have everything school related FINISHED when I walk out the door on Friday afternoon so I am free to enjoy a few weeks with my family without having to worry about lesson planning.  We will begin focusing heavily on nonfiction text during the second semester.  My lil’ pups always love digging into nonfiction text because they are like little sponges always wanting to absorb new knowledge.  

I am excited for my lil’ pups to get their hands on these.  They loved learning about Christmas traditions around the world because it was easy for them to relate to and make connections.  I just know that they will love learning about New Year’s traditions just as much.

We will be learning about New Year’s Day traditions in the United States, China, Mexico, Australia, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, and Greece. 

My lil’ pups will also be working on writing their own nonfiction informative paragraphs. 

I know my lil’ pups will just love keeping track of the countries that they visit using this World Passport.  

I have placed this unit on sale for 50% for the next 48 hours. 

 Click on the image above to see a full preview of everything that is included. 

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