Gingerbread Man Exchange Recap

The concept behind the gingerbread man exchange is simple yet it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of the year.  I want to personally thank the approximately 80 teachers from across the country who joined together to make this exchange possible.  Here is a look at this year’s gingerbread man exchange.

During the week before the Thanksgiving holiday, I set up a gingerbread “factory”…..I basically took out all my extra craft supplies and spread them out across the table.  Each of my lil’ pups had a chance to create their own gingerbread man using their choice of supplies.

We gathered all of our special gingerbread friends together for a picture before we packaged them up to be sent off to their new homes.   

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Hathcoat’s Class

We wrote a letter for our gingerbread man to take with them to their new home.  Our letter told a little bit about our school and our town.

We packed each gingerbread man and I took them all to the post office to begin their journey to their new homes.

Then, we waited for our new friends to arrive.  Most days we received one or two envelopes containing special friends.  We couldn’t wait to see the gingerbread man and really LOVED reading about the class that sent it.  

When each friend arrived we displayed them near our class map so we could see where they came from.  

My kids just LOVED reading the letters….they have probably read each one a hundred times this month!

Here is a look at our class display.  We had a few late arriving gingerbread friends but this is most of them.
Photo Courtesy of Ms. Hathcoat’s Class
Here is another look at a classroom display.

Did your class love the Gingerbread Exchange?  Missed out?  Well….you are in luck!  I will be hosting a Valentine Exchange that will work in the same way as the Gingerbread man exchange.  Sign ups will begin on January 3rd.  If you participated in the Gingerbread Man exchange, I will be emailing you the link to sign up on January 3rd.  If you did not participate in the Gingerbread Man exchange, I will also post the sign up link on my blog.  Be sure to follow my blog on Blog Lovin’ if so you don’t miss the sign up window.   

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