Thanksgiving Leftovers and Giveaway

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!  I just love spending time with my family....and of course the food was amazing.  I hosted our family's dinner so I have a fridge full of leftovers.  I love to cook so I always welcome the challenge of turning those leftovers into something totally different. 
 I am linking up with the sweet ladies from The Dirt Road Teacher and Coast to Coast Kinder to share some of great recipes for leftovers.....and be sure to check out our great giveaway at the bottom of this post.  This year, I am planning to try out these recipes that I found on Pinterest.....don't you just love Pinterest!
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Click on Image to View Pinterest Link
Thanksgiving is definitely a great way to kick off the holiday season....and so is SHOPPING!!!  I love a great deal and to help celebrate the season, I wanted to share a few bargains that are available today only from my store.

If you are looking for something to use in your classrooms once the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, here is another great deal!
This set includes 5 different sets of task cards covering 2D&3D Shapes, Fractions, Telling Time, Mental Math, and Place Value.
 Each set has 24 task cards.
 A student response sheet and answer key are included with each set.
For today's sale, this bundle is only $1.50 which is only 30 cents for each set of task cards.
Now, if you could use some Christmas spending money be sure to enter our giveaway.  Someone has to win...Why not you?

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Be sure to check out some other great leftover ideas and fabulous sales....

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