September Currently

September means my favorite times of the year are just around the corner.  Here in Texas there is no sign of fall yet with the temperatures still at or near 100 every day.  But, I am hopeful that the first cool autumn night is not too far away.  I am excited to be linking up with Farley for the original and always the best Currently Link-Up.
Listening: I was late to the personal laminator at home party....and boy have I been missing out!  I love being able to get things ready for my class in the comforts of home.
Loving: My hubby and I have a lunch date planned in a couple of hours and I couldn't be more excited.  We try to plan these on a regular basis but somehow life gets in the way more often than I would like.
Thinking: If only every weekend was a three weekend, I would be more relaxed and productive!
Wanting: The first week of school left me with  a painfully sore throat...I am hoping its visit with me does not linger much longer!
Needing: Over the summer, I did a great job of keeping my daily water intake up.  The start of school has messed all that goodness up because the limited access to bathroom breaks has got me in a slight panic.  Regardless, I need to step it back up because I can definitely notice the difference. 
3 Trips: These are just a few of the beautiful places I hope to be able to list could go on and on!!!
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  1. I love my personal laminator. It makes prepping for school a little more convenient. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. New England in the fall is supposed to be soooo beautiful!! I hope your sore throat feels better soon! Try hot green tea with a spoonful of honey!! That usually helps!


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  4. I hope that your lunch date was fun!! Hopefully you went somewhere yummy!! I understand needing to keep the intake of water up, but being worried about when you will use the restroom!! My first break of most days isn't until 1:15!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 


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