This Week's High/Low

This past week was like a roller coaster!  My sweet friend Julie at A First for Everything hosts a great weekly linky party so I wanted to share a couple of my highs and lows from the week.

One of my friends posted this quote on their Facebook page.  I couldn't find its original source, but I love it! I am thinking about making it into a poster to hang on my classroom door.  The start of the school year has been full of tension among my team mates.  We have a new principal on campus this year who is a strong believer in individual teacher accountability....and I totally agree with her.  The problem is that our previous principal did not make it a priority to make sure the teachers were including the necessary rigor in their lessons to help students be successful.  As a result, some of my team mates have been making instructional decisions based on what was easiest for the teacher and not necessarily what was best for students.  They would really like for me to join in on their methods so that we can appear to be a unified team.  Simply put....I can not do that because it is not best for my students!!! So, as a result, some not so nice words were spoken to me this week. It definitely was a life lesson that bullies can exist in any setting and at any age and I have to keep my focus on doing what's right for kids!

On a much happier note, my daughter cheered at her last Meet the Athletes Community Pep Rally tonight.  She is a senior and this time next year will be heading off to college.  Although I am sure the tears will be flowing freely over the next several months, I am extremely proud of the young lady that she is becoming and I am looking forward to many special moments this year!  
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  1. Ugh, sorry about the low :/

    Aww the high looks so fun!
    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  2. Thanks for sharing your low. I recently moved away from a school that I worked at for 3 years due to bullying. And when I say moved I mean moved 4 hours away. My husband actually got a job that far away, but it couldn't of come at a better time. I couldn't believe that grown adults could be so mean. Jealousy played a huge factor in it, just like yours did. They wanted the easy way out, they never wanted to learn a new way, and they never focused on the true needs of their students (hence the "their" students, they didn't see them as our students). They felt like I was trying to show them up. I can totally relate and I'm glad I don't feel so alone about it now! What a bummer.Thanks for sharing!! Hang in there!!


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