This Week's High/Low

I am joining a sweet blogging buddy of mine to share this week's highs and lows.  
I have only one week left until I report back to school so I have been trying to switch my brain back into school mode this week. 
The first high point of the week came wrapped up in the form of duck tape.
Last summer, I stumbled upon this adorable pattern on the duct tape aisle.  Well....I bought a couple rolls...or may 10!  I fell in love with it because it was the perfect pattern and color pallet.  Then, they stopped carrying it.  What?!?  I couldn't find it anywhere!  I even tried ordering it online but I didn't have any luck there either.  Then, this week, I spotted it again.  I may or may not have purchased every roll they had.  Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make us happy!
One of the lows this week began when my teenage daughter called me when she was supposed to be driving to work and tells me that she has pulled into a parking lot because she needs to send me a picture.....okay?
She sends me this picture and calls me back and asks, "Is my oil thing supposed to look like this when I am driving?"  I know about as much about car repairs as I do brain surgery, but I do know that no oil pressure is not a good thing!  We went to pick her up and take her to work.  Then, we waited to have her car looked at.  Fortunately, it was only a bad gauge that was fairly inexpensive to replace....much better than the total engine failure we were told to expect when they first started looking at it.
Well, things at my house never seem to break one at a time.
The very next day, our air conditioner quit working.  Working a/c is pretty much nonnegotiable in Texas in July.  After a few too many sweaty hours, these nice men showed up.  They spent a couple of hours working on it and walked away with several hundred dollars, but at least they got it up and running again!
 Well, I saved the best for last....
I wasn't sure whether I should have labeled this a high or low, but it was definitely the highlight of my week!  My baby girl is beginning her senior year and we had to go and take pictures for the yearbook.  I was able to snap a few pictures with my phone while they were taking her picture.  These pictures make me want to smile and cry at the same time!  I just want to know where have the years gone?  In my mind, she should still be the little girl that loves crawling up in my lap to be rocked to sleep.  Yet, she has become a beautiful young woman with a future full of promise.  If you have still have the blessing of having little ones at home, I encourage you to cherish every moment you have with them because this moment comes just a little to quickly!

What were the highs and lows for you this week?
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  1. Hey Lisa! I love getting a peak into your week. Your baby girl is beautiful. Thanks for the reminder to cherish the moments.
    Take care, Amy

  2. Loved the pictures of your daughter. She is beautiful. You are right about it being a high and a low. My daughter is starting to teach 2nd grade this year which I have taught for 27 years. We are not in the same school but about 10 miles apart in small Oklahoma schools so I know you are excited to see what the future holds for your daughter. Thanks for creating such cute and useful things. I love to teach but am not very creative so people like you really help.

  3. Love the paw print duct tape! I'm a huge dog lover, so that's right up my alley! How exciting that your daughter is a senior in high school! I used to take pictures on the side, and I even had the privilege of taking one of my former 5th grader's senior pictures.
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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