School Supply Stock Up: Week of July 27th - August 2nd

How can it be almost August already?  I have to admit that I am not quite ready for school to start...but ready or not...the time has come.  I want to make sure I am grabbing some of the best deals on school supplies for my classroom while they are still around.  Here's a look at some of this week's best deals:
Before she passed away, my Granny used to make a habit of calling me each Sunday afternoon in July and August to let me know where the best school supply deals were for that week.  I work at a school where only about half the kids are able to bring their own supplies, so she knew it was important to me to get the best deals so I could help provide for the kids in my class.  I would like to carry on her legacy and share some of the best deals I have found for the upcoming week.  

Picture Courtesy of Walgreens Ad
 10 pack of sheet protectors for 49 cents
2 pocket paper folders for 10 cents
school scissors for 49 cents
Picture Courtesy of Walgreens Ad
Any of these writing instruments for 99 cents each
I love the Paper Mate mechanical pencils and Flair pens!

Picture Courtesy of Target Ad
I don't see any great deals at Target, but here is a look at what they have on sale this week.

Picture Courtesy of Staples Ad
 Here is a look at what Staples has on sale this week.  Look pretty much the same as last week....
Picture Courtesy of Staples Ad
I am somewhat disappointed in Staples this year.  It looks like their marketing strategy is going to be to offer the same items...their "Less" list....over and over until school starts instead of offering new deals each week.  They offered some great deals last year and were my go to place for their weekly deals...not the case this year!

Picture Courtesy of Office Depot Ad
Plastic ruler for 25 cents each
School Scissors for 25 cents each
Pocket Folders for 1 cent each with a $5 folder
Glue for 25 cents each
3 or 5 Pack Erasers for 25 cents each
Colored Copy Paper for $4.00 per pack plus get 50% back in rewards...this works out to be $2.00 per pack and I need to pick up a couple of packs to use in making centers.
If you come across any other great deals, be sure to leave a comment below so everyone can get in on the savings!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great deals, I need to get our there and start shopping!


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