School Supply Stock-Up Sunday

Before she passed away, my Granny used to make a habit of calling me each Sunday afternoon in July and August to let me know where the best school supply deals were for that week.  I work at a school where only about half the kids are able to bring their own supplies, so she knew it was important to me to get the best deals so I could help provide for the kids in my class.  I would like to carry on her legacy and share some of the best deals I have found for the upcoming week.  
Photo Courtesy of Walgreens Ad
 2 Pocket Folder or Highlighter 7 for $1.oo or 14 cents each with coupon available in the Walgreen's ad.
Photo Courtesy of Walgreens Ad
Glue or Posterboard 2 for $1.00

Elmer's Glue Sticks 12 for $3.00 or 25 cents each
2 Pocket Poly Folder 50 Cent each....I love these folders because they last so much longer than the paper ones.
Crayola Classic Markers for $1.25
SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Flash Drive Buy One for $12.99 and get the second one for $1.00...That's $6.99 each for flash drive when you buy two.
Photo Courtesy of Staples Ad
1 Subject Spiral Notebooks for 17 cents each
Wood Rulers for 25 cents each
Glue for 39 cents each
Crayon Colored Pencils for 97 cents each
Crayola Crayons for 50 cents each
Bic Pens or Bic Mechanical Pencils $1.00 each

Photo Courtesy of Office Depot/Office Max Ad
Colored Copy Paper $4.00 with 50% back in Rewards....$2.00 each after rebate
Photo Courtesy of Office Max/Office Depot Ad
4 pack of glue sticks, 5" scissors, single Sharpie Markers, or Scholastic Crayons for 25 cents each

Photo Courtesy of Walmart Ad
Patterned Spiral Notebooks, 2 pack Elmer's Glue Sticks, Crayola Crayons for 50 Cents each
Plastic Poly Folders with and without prongs and 100 sheet composition notebooks for 50 cents each. 
Leave a comment below if you found any other great deals for this week.  I would love to hear from you!
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  1. Thai is so sweet of you! At Office Depot teachers can get double the limit listed in the ad as long as they have the free teacher rewards card. Something I just found out!

  2. Well looks like I'll be hitting up Office Depot tomorrow when I get back from Vegas! This is an amazing idea and I love it :) thank you for sharing!

  3. I can't believe how early the sales have started! There are some great deals right now! Thank you for sharing this great information!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  4. Office Depot: 1cent folders (limit 10) when you spend 5 dollars
    Target: 40 cent composition notebooks and 50 cent index cards

  5. Thanks for all of the great information!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I teach at a title1 school and most of my kiddos are unable to get supplies too. This will really help!

  7. This doesn't mean we have to go back to schoo, yet, right?!

  8. Thanks for posting the sales! A great deal I got today was the 24 pack of Sharpie 80's Glam for $10 from Staples!! My husband uses the sharpies for his sixth grade math class, and we always stock up when they go this cheap!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  9. This is so crazy that you see the sharpies for 25 cents at Office Max, it isn't in my ad! I wonder if it is a regional thing! That is why I bought the 24 pack of sharpies from Staples!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 


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