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Wow....It's already July?!?!  I sure hope July does not go by as fast as June did because I am not quite ready for summer to be over!  I am celebrating the first day of July by linking up with hundreds of other fabulous teachers for Farley's Famous Currently.

Listening: I am listening to the sound of my washing machine spinning yet another load of clothes....I wish laundry would take the summer off!

Loving: We are just beginning to plan a trip to Hawaii next summer to celebrate three major milestones....my daughter will be graduating from high school, my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, and I will finally be finished with my dual masters program!  I would love to hear any suggestions you have for visiting Hawaii....it will be our first trip.

Thinking: I was able to get in 11 walks/runs in the month of June....how many should I try for in July?

Wanting: Summer.....PLEASE....slow down!!!! How can it possibly be July already?

Needing: We will be hosting a group of my daughter's friends at our house for the 4th of July.  I need to find some great tasting seasonal recipes and get the shopping started.  What is your favorite 4th of July treat?

4th Plans: My husband has to work so I will be hosting a group of my daughter's friends at our house after the local fireworks show for snacks, sweets, and sparklers.
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  1. My goodness, good luck hosting all those kiddos on Friday! Here's a nice cold side for your 4th party: cold watermelon-cucumber salad. Check it out on Food Network:
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. I am so super jealous of your Hawaii trip! What a fun trip to think about and plan for. Have fun hosting all of those kiddos! My Mom always made an American Flag cake. I think it was just a vanilla cake with whip cream as the frosting and strawberries and blueberries. It was yummy..I'm sure there are lots of Pinterst ideas though :)
    Good luck!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  3. Wow all those teenagers! I'm sure they will have fun though. Hawaii sounds like a great way to celebrate-20 years!! That's really awesome! I've never been there, but always heard great things. :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  4. Oooh! Hawaii! That will be so much fun! Lots of reasons to celebrate - congrats! I am also wishing that this summer would slow down - a lot! Enjoy the rest of yours!

  5. Oh I am jealous of your Hawaii trip even though its a year away. How fun. I've never been there but really want to go....perhaps that's what I will ask for as a gift for earning my doctorate!

  6. What Island are you planing to visit? My fiancé took me to Kaui to propose and it was magical! If you haven't picked an island I would recommend Kaui. It's very laid back and so green lots of hikes and not very touristy.

  7. I can't believe that it's already July! I need summer to SLOW DOWN! Your trip to Hawaii sounds amazing and it's great that you have so many things to celebrate as a family!

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