Two For Tuesday: Classroom Management

Rewarding students for positive behavior is sometimes a controversial topic.  However, at my school, the use of positive reinforcements is part of the school wide campus discipline plan.  After realizing that the expense of keeping a "cool" treasure box can easily become overwhelming, I began using a system that includes rewards coupons and brag tags.  If you would like to read more about my classroom management system, check out this post.  This week for Two for Tuesday, I am placing two of my classroom management/rewards units on sale for 50% off.  Here is a peek at some of what is included.... 
The set includes more than 35 Rewards Coupons in either a Puppy Theme or a SuperHero Theme.  There is a also a blank coupon where you can add your own rewards unique to your students.
Both sets include an assortment of brag tags in either the Dog Theme or the SuperHero Theme.  A blank brag tag is also included so you can customize tags to meet your needs.
Here is a look at what else is included.
Each unit is on sale for only $2.00 today.  Click on the images to see even more pictures and previews.
I love shopping the Two for Tuesday sales, so I am off to check out the other links.  You can do the same by clicking on the link below.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, your dog tags! Heading over to check the out this afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing!



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