Monday Made It & Tried It Tuesday: My Clip Art is Organized!!!

It drives me crazy not to have things organized.  When I go looking for something, I want to be able to find it quickly and that too much to ask?  Then, my clip art addiction got in the way.  I have tried organizing all my graphics using Dropbox but the image previews were so small it was hard to tell what they were.  Then, I moved on to the binder method.  I liked how I could see everything better, but I was always having to print new images to go in the binder and it was beginning to stack up like a pile of papers waiting to be filed.  My first project of summer just HAD to be to organize my clip art files.  
First, I created a secret board on Pinterest so that I would be the only one who had access to my files.  If you scroll to the bottom of all your boards, you will see the link to create a secret board.
After I created the board, I began pinning each of my clip art files.
As you have probably noticed, Teachers Pay Teachers has a "Pin It" button beside each file.  However, when you use it, the pin it creates is a small image that just isn't very visually appealing.

There is a better way to create pins directly from Teachers Pay Teacher.  You will need to have the "Pin It" button installed on your browser.  If you don't already have it, it only takes a minute to download it from your Pinterest account using the link shown above.  
Once you have the "Pin It" button installed, you will be able to hover over the image with your mouse and see a separate "Pin It" button directly on the image.  
The pin on the left was created using the standard "Pin It" button on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The pin on the right was created using the hover over "Pin It" button.  The one on the right is much easier to see and looks better on your board.
After pinning all your files using the hover over "Pin It" button, you will have a board that looks something like this.  Now, you can visually search all your files in one place without having to open different files or turn numerous pages in a binder.
As an added bonus, because you created the pin directly from Teachers Pay Teachers, when you click on the pin you are taken directly to the page where you can download the images.
This organization method has worked so well that I am in the process making other secret boards to make it easier to access all the other files I have from Teachers Pay Teachers.
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  1. This is such a brilliant idea!! I was thinking about creating a binder this summer, but I totally like this idea better!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Thank you. This sounds like it will work great!

  3. This is a great idea! I will definitely be adding this to my summer to do list!

    Swinging for Success
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  4. Thank you!! This is a wonderful idea. I wanted to make a binder, but it just seemed so time consuming. This sounds a lot easier and I still will be able to see all my clip art in one simple place. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic idea!!

  5. Thanks so much! This has by far been the best idea I have seen. It was time consuming to start but now I will just add as I purchase and can see everything at once! Amazing!


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