Wordless Wednesday: A Visitor

This guy was in the middle of our school's parking lot after school yesterday.  After a little research, it appears that he is possibly an alligator snapping turtle.  
He came complete with claws, teeth, and a humongous tail.  What is the strangest thing you have ever "found" at school?
Linking up this somewhat creepy picture with Wordless Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the other great pictures!
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  1. We had a turtle in our playground a few weeks ago. He was relocated outside the gates for his safety. We have also had a deer on the playground.

  2. We have had pygmy rattlers start appearing this week. I'm always petrified one is going to be hiding under my desk. That really did happen to our Music teacher. Luckily....he saw it. I do not like creatures. I could deal with an alligator snapping turtle...even if it is a little creepy. Did you name him??
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