The Best for the BEST: Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

It is sad to see children as young as first and second grade becoming disengaged with school.  That sense of wonder and excitement that they entered kindergarten with is seemingly fading away.  Many teachers feel tore between teaching a rigorous curriculum and maintaining student engagement.  However, it is possible to do both.....One of easiest ways to raise the level of student engagement is to increase the amount of meaningful hands on learning that occurs in the classroom.  
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For teacher appreciation week, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite hands on Geometry Units that you will have the opportunity to win along with countless other great products.
Playing dominoes is an engaging way to teach matching skills.
Cuteness provided by Creative Clips
Matching and memory games help to reinforce the content while promoting discussion among the learners in your classroom.  Meaningful discussion can be one of the most beneficial elements of your math instruction.  When students discuss with each other, they are able to clarify and solidify their own thinking and also learn from others.   
Bingo is a kid favorite for reviewing any skill and it works well with geometry terms as well.  
This unit also includes relevant independent practice that can be used during your math workshop time.
Because I honestly believe no profession works harder than it's time for me to show my appreciation.  Please clip on the image ABOVE to download a FREEBIE sample game from my Hands on Geometry Unit
Enter for your chance to win the complete Geometry Unit along with a ton of other fabulous prize below.

I also want to say a special thanks to Amy at Teaching in Blue Jeans for organizing this amazing blog hop to show our appreciation for teachers all over the world.  
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