Cats and Dogs....Oh My!!!!

Unfortunately, grammar and fun don't often mix well together.  Despite the fact that there are only about thirty days of school left and the kids' minds are on summer, teaching the content must continue.  Especially this time of the year, I am constantly looking for new and fresh ways to engage my students in learning.  
The timing was perfect for a blogging buddy product swap.  I was honored to be able to use The Inspired Owl's Cat and Dog Bundle.  This bundle focuses on nouns, verbs, possessives, and more using adorably fun cats and dogs....did I mention....I love DOGS!!! 
We began the week with these task cards.  I placed the twenty cards around the classroom and the students were able to move from card to card locating the action verb in each sentence.  The two kids in the picture above chose to repeat the activity during their learning choice time.
On Tuesday, I introduced being verbs to the class.  Since the students already had a good knowledge of what action verbs were, the ability to identify the being verbs came rather easily.  I love how printable anchor charts are included to provide support to students who need it while working independently.  I also printed a large copy of these charts using the school's poster maker to add to my anchor chart collection.  I loved that they were already cute and easy to read so that was one less step for me! 

 My students worked with a partner to sort the action and being verbs.  There was a lot of meaningful discussion going on between the partners about why certain words were action words and certain words were not.  
On Wednesday, the students worked with sorting regular and irregular verbs.
I was able to make these poster into helpful anchor charts to guide the students.
On Thursday, we stepped away from the grammar a bit and read this fun book.  Cats vs. Dogs by Elizabeth Carney is full of interesting facts about both animals.  The kids absolutely loved reading this book and it has since become a favorite during independent reading time.  
The kids sorted facts about cats and dogs into a Venn diagram.  
Friday was assessment day.  It was so nice to have the answer key to the assessment and all the task card and sorting activities right at my fingertips!
After assessment was over, we reused the some of the task card sets in conjunction with these adorable game boards.

If you are looking for an engaging way to cover these often boring content standards, I know you will be happy with The Inspired Owl's unit.  As an added bonus, you have one more day to enter the giveaway and win your very own copy of this unit and sure to enter below!
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  1. Love the hula hoop Venn Diagram…. easy, creative and fun!

  2. I commented the other day, but see it must not have worked from my phone! I wanted to thank you for such a nice wonderful post! Your pictures and collages are amazing! I'm going to have to learn how to do that this summer for sure! Thanks again!

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