Must Read Monday: Chapter Book & Other Fun Stuff
This week, we are starting one of my all-time favorite read aloud chapter books and I am honored to link up with Teaching Maddeness for Must-Read Monday. If you are looking for a great read aloud for second grade or higher, check out Poppy: Tales from Dimwood Forest.
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 Children tend to love any book with animals, however Avi's use of imagery and breathtakingly rich vocabulary makes Poppy one of the best read aloud books for children.   
Avi is an extremely talented writer who is able to make readers of all ages fall in love with a simple family of mice and all the other peculiar characters they encounter along their journeys.  
The main character in the story, Poppy, is a young deer mouse who goes on epic-sized adventures through Dimwood Forest. Dimwood Forest, described throughout the book in rich vocabulary, is an ongoing source of adventure and excitement!  
The author provides enough "cliffs" in story that it is perfect for making predictions and discussing foreshadowing.   
I find it helpful for my second graders when they are able to see the text.  It helps to facilitate a more personal experience with the rich vocabulary.  I have access to very limited technology in my classroom, so I simply use my document camera to project a copy of the book on the board so the kids can follow along during the read aloud.  
There is even a teacher's guide for this book and the others in the series available for free on the author's website.  If you have never read need to!  I promise you will not be disappointed!
I also wanted to share this great opportunity to win a bunch of Spring products created by friends of mine for use in your classroom.  This giveaway is being hosted by Learning Lessons from Mrs. Labrasciano.  You can enter to win below or by visiting her blog.

 If you are looking for some fresh Spring ideas for your classroom be sure to check out these blogs.

As you already know, teachers are a special group of individuals.  I truly believe that teachers are some of the hardest working individuals on the planet, yet they still never hesitate to selflessly give of themselves.

Let me introduce you to Dixie from Teachin' Little Texans.  She has put together a special bundle of classroom resources that she is offering as a fundraiser for this precious little boy.  Take a look at Jackson's story and at this amazing bundle of resources with all proceeds going to help this special little boy and his family.

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  1. I'm so glad you linked up to share this book! I've never heard of it and it sounds like just the book I've been looking to add to our read-aloud line up! I'm going to add it to my Amazon cart right now. :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  2. I love your blog design! How cute! I found you on the TPT forum thread with all the blog links. It was about time I got out here and did some teacher blog collaboration; I just hadn't set aside the time, until this week. I'm following you on FB and Pinterest now too. I see you were nominated for the Liebster award. Good luck! If they were going strictly on blog design, I think you would win, hands down! If you find time, come and connect up on my blog. (It's not near as cute as yours though.) :)
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