Is Laminating Becoming Overwhelming?

Let's face it laminating activities for our classroom can quickly become both overwhelming and expensive.  
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I wanted to share an idea that I use in my classroom that has saved me both time and money. Last fall, I purchased a couple of sets of reusable dry-erase pockets.  
I purchased my sets from Groupon for $10.99 for a set of 10.  This offer is not currently available on Groupon, but it has been offered several times so keep checking and you may be able to snag the deal for yourself.  These same pockets are available on Amazon, but the price is higher.  I have also seen similar pockets in the Target Dollar Spot Area.
I simply print out the game and insert it into the pocket.  Since they are clear on both sides, I like to place a second game on the backside so the kids have two games available to use with very minimal teacher prep time.  
The game my kids are playing in the picture is a fraction review game.  The only supplies needed are 2 unifix cubes (in different colors) and a two sided token.  The tokens I have are red on one side and yellow on the other.  The students flip the token in the air.  If it lands on red, they move forward two spaces on the game board.  If the token lands on yellow, they move forward one space.  In order to stay on the space they land on, they have to correctly read the fraction shown on that space. 
If you would like to try out the game in your classroom, you can download it here as a FREEBIE!  I would love to know what other ways you save money on things you need for your classroom.

I am linking up with my friends at Coast to Coast Kinder.  Check out their blog for more WOW ideas!
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  1. If you're looking for an even cheaper route, you can simply use page protectors.


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