If You Give One of Those Fabulous Standardized Tests....You Must Watch This!

This week begins the standardized testing season in the state of Texas.  My school, like many others has made all the "necessary" preparations....everyone has been trained, oaths have been take, testing manuals have been carefully read, recess removed from schedule, alphabets taken off walls, desks cleaned out and separated, all student work covered up....you know the drill.  In a time that is often filled with unnecessary stress for both you and your students, I wanted to share this fun video and encourage you to "Let It GO!"

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  1. Too funny! Glad they are not letting the testing "heat" get to them, and they are making light of the situation that we have been dealt!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. I love this, I think I will be singing this in my head as I am "actively monitoring", Thanks for sharing!!


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