Need to Get Your Kids Moving?

Today, I am linking up with a couple of the most inspirational teachers I know at Coast to Coast Kinder to share one of my favorite resources and a WOW teaching idea.  Research clearly shows that kids learn better when they are able to get moving and interacting with their classmates.  However, as any teacher would tell you, it doesn't take long for some movement activities to get totally out of control to the point that there is no learning taking place.  I have found a simple solution....using TASK CARDS to play SCOOT.

I use this activity almost daily in my classroom, because it is super simple to set up and the kids are learning while having fun.  I prefer to use "cute" task cards for this game because "cute" makes me happy.  However, I have a team mate who writes problems on index cards with a sharpie.  So, you can use which ever method you are more comfortable with.

After printing the task cards, I run them through the laminator and cut them about.  I love that they are only a couple of simple cuts because I don't always have time for all that complex cutting!  Most days, I lay out 20 cards in different locations around the room.

The kids place the student response sheet on a clipboard and get right to work.  Some days, I have the kids work independently and other days they work with a partner.  I do not require that the kids solve the problems in any certain order.  Typically, I have a sticker or something for kids that get a certain number of problems correct.  It is also easy to differentiate with this activity by telling students to only work certain problems.  I would love to hear how you get your students moving and learning.  

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  1. Nice job. I like easy to cut out things, too. I like to see the kids moving and helping each other at appropriate times. You have your sale all figured out and I am trying to figure out if I will make it to KC on Sunday.

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