Improving Student Fluency in your Classroom

Looking for ways to improve reading fluency?  Here are 5 easy to implement tips ~ Freebie Included

As students move through the primary grades, they should move from learning to read to reading to learn.  Students who struggle with fluency have difficulty reading to learn because they simply aren't fluent readers yet.  Fluency is not the only characteristic of a successful reader but the research is plentiful showing its importance.  Students who can read fluently are able to focus their cognitive efforts on comprehending and interacting with the text.  Are you looking for easy ways to improve fluency levels in your class?  Check out these tips....

Assessing Reading Fluency to Boost Fluency Growth

Looking to boost your students' fluency?  Carefully assessing where your students are is key to moving them forward.

In order to accurately assess a student's fluency and guide his or her development, a teacher needs to look at all the components of fluency.  In the simplest of terms, fluency can be divided into three critical components: accuracy, rate, and prosody (expression and smoothness).

What is Reading Fluency?

What is reading fluency?  Why do I need it in my primary classroom?  How can I help develop fluency?

What is reading fluency?
Even people not familiar with the elements that make up fluent reading, know a fluent reader when they hear one.  They read smoothly with proper intonation.  A fluent reader is easy to listen to and understand because it simply sounds like they are telling you a story.

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Why is Reading Fluency So Important in the Primary Grades?

Need Tips for Improving Reading Fluency in the Primary Grades

Why is reading fluency important?
Have you ever tried to learn to play an instrument?  If so, think about those early days of learning the instrument.  I can remember my days in middle school band.  Each note was a struggle!  If I was lucky enough to recognize the note at first glance, then came the struggle of how to hold my lips and which keys should be held down, not to mention when the note was to be played.  After lots and lots of practice, frustration, and even a few tears, the notes started to come more easily. 

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